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Markus Bilz


Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. by S. Beckett (my motto)


If you ask Sandi Thom I was probably born too late, ’cause Markus Bilz was raised up in the 90/00’s, Dillingen on the Danube in Germany.
Ever since I have enjoyed solving problems and building things out of wood in my dad’s workshop. These were the main reasons why I’ve founded my webpage www.markusbilz.com. I’d like to share my latest experiments, code,  renders, paintings, 3d prints and doodles in the field of classical art, CG and sience with you. To inspire you but to also help you out with problems you come across. I kind of regard sharing information (e.g. writing articles) without any adds and for free on your own website as altruism in 21st century.
I mainly experiment with open source software. For most of the shown renders Blender and Cycles was used. Often Gimp, Krita and others came in handy as well.

Contributing to quaintproject and to it’s  and my own github projects on a regular basis is part of my spare time. Further more I enjoy angling, painting, and I am self-thaught C++-programmer. Currently I am developing an option pricing tool, that will be released soon. Unfortunately I am kind of addicted to documentaries, especially the bbc ones.

Thank you for visiting my website! If you have any questions about me or the posted content feel free to post a comment or write me an E-mail to: mail æ markusbilz.com

PS: This blog is programmed and maintained by me. From time to time Alexander Bilz helps me. Feel free to check out his website as well.